OCA Consultancy is a specialist HR consulting firm established by experienced HR professionals who, having worked in senior corporate roles throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle East have the professional knowledge and business acumen to help clients deliver their business strategies by enabling their people to do great work.

OCA Consultancy is designed to provide small and medium sized enterprises and newly established branches of overseas firms with access to international Human Resource expertise normally only accessible to large multi nationals, underpinned by extensive local knowledge of the South East Asia region.

We partner with clients at different stages of their life-cycle , start-up, growth, core competence refinement… to develop and implement tailored solutions to real world business issues; solutions that are geared to improve your top and bottom lines, reduce risk and improve your customer experience. We are business driven but people focused, aiming to ultimately build a culture that provides our clients with a sustainable competitive advantage. 

Simply put we work with clients in their daily struggle to deliver business results by engaging their prime competitive advantage; their people and culture

OCA’s in-house capability and extensive regional network enables us to provide clients with access to expertise that they could not carry on their overhead.

We do not prescribe “one size fits all”
answers or sell a generic product.

Each client’s situation is unique and needs a tailored solution.

Business Driven
People Focused


Our aim is simple; to help clients to harness the power of their people and culture in order to sustainably achieve their organisation’s strategic goals.

We believe that the human resource function can significantly enhance the growth and development of an organisation and this capability is often underutilised.  A pragmatic, strategic HR approach can contribute to building a unique culture that engages people and delivers business success. External expertise brings insights and skills to support this transformation; leaving your organisation stronger and able to deliver its objectives

We do not prescribe “one size fits all” answers or sell a generic product; each client’s situation is unique and needs a tailored solution.

We will always work in an ethical and sustainable manner and build long term relationships with clients based on mutual trust and fairness; a true partnership.