OCA partners with associates who are experts in their fields and who approach projects from the perspective of how we can improve your business results.

Whether you are just starting up in the region and want to avoid the pitfalls that could de-rail your business plan, or are a more established company that wants to improve effectiveness, grow or effectively manage restructuring your business, we’re here to help.

We listen to understand the cause of your issues and develop practical solutions; we know that work is hectic, getting help doesn’t need to be

Start-Up, Diagnostics
& HR Capability Improvement

I. HR Infrastructure Set-up

If you are new to Hong Kong or Macau we can establish your HR policies, procedures and documentation to ensure you comply with local laws and reflect your brand to your employees. Set up the HR infrastructure correctly and early, this will avoid unpleasant problems later such as Labour Tribunals, staff grievances that erode engagement, immigration law contraventions, violation of employment ordinance, privacy ordinance, sex, race, family status and disability discrimination ordinances etc

Penalties for breaches of the law can be serious including fines and imprisonment of directors e.g.

  • Late payment of wages can lead to a fine of up to HK$350,000 and imprisonment of up to 3 years.

  • Failure to enrol employees in an MPF scheme can lead to a fine of up to HK$350,000 and imprisonment of up to 3 years.

  • Dismissing a pregnant employee; liable to prosecution and a fine of $100,000.

  • If you hire in breach of immigration rules the employer is liable to a maximum fine of $350,000 and 3 years' imprisonment

In addition to the potential criminal prosecution of directors, the reputational risk to an organisation is significant and will negatively impact customers, suppliers, the community and employees.

II. HR Function Diagnostic

Your business may have reached the stage where you want to get more out of your people processes, the strains of growth are showing. A structured review of your people function can establish where you stand and provide practical improvement action plans.

We believe that the human resource function can significantly enhance the growth and development of an organisation and this capability is often underutilised.

By reviewing the current state and identifying and enhancing strengths and opportunities,

The HR Team Can
Fulfill Their Potential As
A Business Partner

III. Mergers & Acquisitions Activity

Mergers and Acquisitions are fraught with risk that must be managed, as part of your due diligence. OCA can execute a HR Audit on the target organisation to ensure compliance, cultural fit and flag potential risks and solutions.

IV. HR Capability Improvement

Leaders recognise the importance of individual abilities (talent), organisation capabilities (culture) and leadership to the success of their organisations.

HR practitioners must become insightful advisers and architects on these matters, they must understand what they need to know, do and deliver to contribute more fully to their organisations.

OCA takes a holistic view on your organisations existing HR capability; the business environment and needs, the structure of the HR function and its current contribution strategically and tactically as well as the capabilities and developmental opportunities of the HR team.

Following a review of current state a roadmap would be developed aimed at enhancing the contribution of the HR function towards the organisation’s objectives and purpose.



Talent consists of those individuals who can make a difference to your organisational performance either immediately or in the longer-term.

OCA’s expertise covers the entire Talent Management process, enabling you to tap into the expertise of internationally experienced HR practitioners to help develop and/or stress test your talent strategy. OCA will also review existing processes, identifying improvements and assisting in the implementation of best practice during each phase of the cycle.

The ultimate aim is to develop a robust and unique culture so that staff are aligned and engaged, performance is enhanced and business results achieved.

Talent management is a systematic process that encompasses:





Workforce Planning
On Boarding
Performance Management
Learning & 
& Benefits
Critical Skills
Gap Analysis
Business Plan
Succession Management
  1. Workforce Planning to assess short and long term needs and gaps to enable delivery of the business plan. Incorporating the development of an internal pipeline of talent and supplemented by eternal hiring

  2. Talent Resourcing : Identification, assessment and attraction of Talent

  3. Effective On-boarding of talent, to begin building cultural awareness, engagement and delivery from day one

  4. Identification and management of performance outcomes through an effective Performance Management system that aligns organisational objectives with team and individual goals

  5. Appropriate Learning & Development designed to drive the success of the business strategy, effective use of systematic training programmes as well as coaching and mentoring activities

  6. Staff Engagement activities including staff surveys and engagement plan development to aid retention and tap into discretionary effort

  7. Deployment through a systematic Succession Plan of those individuals who are of particular value to an organisation, either in view of their ‘high potential’ for the future or because they are fulfilling business/operation-critical roles

  8. Compensation & Benefits : Appropriate incentives designed to support desired behaviours through a systematic compensation and benefits process

  9. Critical Skills Gap Analysis : determine differences between current and future skill needs; feed into L&D cycle and workforce planning activities

  10. Outplacement Services : to reinforce your brand, facilitate staff in their serch for a new role should restructuring be necessary


“ No company, small or large,
can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it ”

Jack Welch, GE


I. Learning & Development (L&D) Solutions

We view L&D solutions as the product of an L&D strategy that articulates your organisations required capabilities, skills or competencies, and how these can be developed in order to ensure a sustainable, successful organisation.

Ultimately the L&D strategy should reflect the overarching business strategy and drive its success.

Depending upon the client’s organisational needs our associates have developed and delivered numerous programmes in support of a holistic L&D strategy such as:

  1. Emotional Intelligence development and application

  2. Management & Leadership Development programmes,

  3. Manager as Coach

  4. Developing a personal brand

  5. Onboarding and orientation programmes

  6. Skills development (effective meetings, constructive feedback as part of performance management, effective delegation, conducting disciplinary and grievance processes, behavioural interviewing techniques…)

  7. Communications : team and individual presentation, personal style development

  8. Occupational, Health and Safety seminars

  9. Compliance seminars

II. Executive Development

Bespoke leadership and managment development programmes as well as individual executive coaching and mentoring assignments can be designed and delivered.

Our associates have broad experience of coaching senior and middle executives in the South East Asia region, helping individuals to be the best they can.


Search, Interim Placements
& Outsourcing

I. Executive Search Solutions

Identifying and securing the right talent is of critical importance to business success.

Through our specialist search and placement firm (OCA Services Ltd) we work with you to define your needs in terms of technical, intellectual and cultural fit

We then identify suitable candidates and work with you through the hiring process which can include psychometric assessment, structured behavioural interview training for those making hiring decisions, support with interviews, assessments centres, background checks…etc.

II. Interim HR Placement

Occasionally organisations have a short term need for a HR professional, possibly for a special project, to cover absence of a long term employee or to fill a short term gap whilst you hire for a role…OCA can provide Interim HR Managers and staff to fill your short/medium term need.

III. Outsourcing

Outsourcing HR activities enables organisations to access longer term strategic and tactical HR support and obtain expertise without the need for permanent hires.

OCA can provide designated expertise that supports an organisation’s strategic activity by enhancing an existing executive team with seasoned HR experience or transactional activities such as administration, temporary staffing, payroll and benefits.

Outsourcing in this manner provides access to expertise that your business may need and helps to manage budgets in today’s tough business environment.


“ I want bigger margins…and to accomplish that
we have to have great people and train them better
and faster than everybody else. We need to have
educational programmes that are focused on
key business issues and problems, the things that matter.
HR’s role is to help me solve these problems ”

Larry Bossidy, GE, Allied Signals